Humans 2, Spiders 0

GarageOne feature of this house I bought were these custom built shelves that were installed. custom made of 2×4’s and particle board, i’m sure they met the needs of the previous owners, but not me. I tool down one set of shelves when I moved in. This weekend I took down the other set.

GarageWhat is it with this house and spiders? I’ve managed to clear most of the main house of them, but even after two bug bombs I continue to find them. Part of this shelf system I took down had a peg board that was away from the wall about 1 inch. This was the perfect habitat. As I pulled the peg board down, not expecting the spiders, I had them literly jumping out at me. It was just like a freaking movie.

In any case I got it all cleaned up and my new shelfs put up. Much better me thinks.


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