Poor Quality Roofing Jobs

Poor roofing job - 1This is what a poor quality roofing job gets you, shingles that literally blow off the roof. In this case it appears that the roofer may have put one nail in the shingles then stapled the rest of it. Yes, freaking staples!

I’ve blogged about it before, New Mexico gets very windy in the spring and fall. This spring we we had winds up to 50 MPH and the windy season seems, to me at least, have lasted longer than normal. The winds came from the west and this side of the roof faces west. Along with the poor attachment of the shingles leads the the perfect recipe for this problem. The previous owners must have had this problem because they had nailed many of the shingles on this side of the roof down. Yet they made the problem worse by nailing through the visible part of the shingle, which is bad because they essentially broke through the seal of the shingle, leaving a place for water to leak through. All those nail heads had to be covered with tar.

Repairing these missing shingles was pretty easy. I collected all the blown off shingles from around the property rather than buying new ones. I carefully slid the shingles under neath the tiles above it, where it was missing, and put it back in place where it matches the position of the other shingles. I then lifted the tile above it up enough so I could put some nails in, 4 nails per shingle. The nails are under the shingles where they belong and safe from the elements. Hopefully the tar on the shingles melts and holds the whole mess together, or at least thats how its suppose to work.

Remodeling Continues

IMG_0003An attempt this weekend to repair my leaking bathroom resulted in new stuff. First we tried to fix the leaking sink, only to find it so old and corroded that it was better to replace it. I had planned to replace it at some point and I really didn’t like the double-ugly cabinet. That’s how I got the pedestal sink along with the new faucet.

Time to tackle the toilet, but pretty much the same thing. Old, corroded and ugly. Initally I was worried the new 1.6 gallon toilet would not flush as well as the old 5 gallon, but I’m happy to report that it is doing a fine job. I also upgraded to a nice padded seat.

I also removed the old, ugly, cheap-ass cabinet that was hanging above the toilet. I replaced the square mirror with this combo round mirror and medicine cabinet. I don’t care for the way it sticks out of the wall but i am happy with the look. Total trips to Home Depot for the project: 4.

Another Big Ass Spider Runs Across The Floor

Big ass spiderWhat is up with these spiders? I found this guy running across the floor tonight, scared the crap out of me. I proceeded to vacuum him up with my shopvac only to have him escape and run across the floor again! (or it was another, identical spider?)

I it is pretty menacing looking and I have no idea what it is. Kind of looks like a Wold Spider but I’ve never seen a completely black one. This one kind of looks like one of those fake plastic ring spiders.

Humans 2, Spiders 0

GarageOne feature of this house I bought were these custom built shelves that were installed. custom made of 2×4’s and particle board, i’m sure they met the needs of the previous owners, but not me. I tool down one set of shelves when I moved in. This weekend I took down the other set.

GarageWhat is it with this house and spiders? I’ve managed to clear most of the main house of them, but even after two bug bombs I continue to find them. Part of this shelf system I took down had a peg board that was away from the wall about 1 inch. This was the perfect habitat. As I pulled the peg board down, not expecting the spiders, I had them literly jumping out at me. It was just like a freaking movie.

In any case I got it all cleaned up and my new shelfs put up. Much better me thinks.