Ditch Digging

Spring appears to be here, with summer just around the corner. Time to get the backyard ready and get grass growing. Thankfully the previous owners had grass growing and working sprinklers. What I need is a modular and scalable sprinkler system, since I plan have more than one source of water and many more things to water. I will need to dig up the current system and redo the primary control system.

IMG_7443.JPGThe problem with New Mexico soil is it’s a layer of sand on a layer of clay. When thats been covered up with rock and plastic for many years, with no water to soften it up, you end up trying to dig through cement. The best method for digging is to dig a small hole, fill it with water, let it soak, then dig a little more out. Plus the previous owners surrounded the control valves with cement, making it even harder to get in there.

IMG_7444.JPGToday I managed to dig about 30 inches where the control valves are. Why they hell they are that deep I have no idea. In New Mexico you only need about 18 inches deep for the valves. It’s just insane and I’m going to have to remove some of the concrete to get to to the valves. Something I was hoping to avoid.

IMG_7445.JPGI also forgot to mention the other valve. Once valve controls the sprinklers and the other controls… something else. I have no idea. It goes out to the yard but there’s no other obvious sprinkler heads. All I know is it’s busted and was making a nice little spring in the yard. I managed to dig that pipe up to find a huge crack. Once I replace it I should be able to tell where it ends up.


FBI PIRACY DIVISIONWhile I was waiting for my truck to be ready at MBS, I was on my computer and decided to look for some wireless networks. Although there is a small office building near the shop I seriously doubt there is a FBI Piracy Division located there. I also seriously doubt they would name their wireless network “FBI PIRACY DIVISION”, more likely this is security-by-misleading. I suspect the result will be that it just attracts more hackers.

Free WiFi For All

In the past week I’ve been to the Albuquerque SunPort, the Boise Airport, McCarren International Airport in Las Vegas and Sky Harbor in Phoneix. All have had Free WiFi. I’d like to salute you in those airports that made the decision to have free wireless. You make my time in these airports much better than would I had to pay for it (nothing worse than having to pay for it, and yes I’m talking about WiFi). In fact I’m writing this from McCarren now.

Phoenix is the only place I had problems with signal quality. I’m not complaning, I’m just saying.

Only Skiing Of The Year

View from PurgatoryThanks to the suckage which is the snow fall this year, I’ve only gone skiing once. Thankfully we have had a end of the season snow fall that brought a pretty good amount of snow. It coincided with some $25 Durango lift tickets. Off we went!

Check out my photo set on Flickr.

First Snow Of The Winter!

First snow of 2006

After a entire winter of hardly any rain and no snow. We are getting a last minute reprieve with a major winter storm that has come through the state.

I’m suppose to drive up to Durango today, hopefully those plans are not ruined since the roads leading up to there are right in the middle of the storm.

del.icio.us links

I’ve finally got around to getting the right side links working again. Rather than manully manage my list of links. I’m using a javascript to get links that I’ve added via del.icio.us. This means it’s easy for me to add new links to my sidebar without having to do anything to my site.

To post stuff to del.icio.us I’m using the Lazy Sheep bookmarklet which auto tags links based on what others have tagged it. Plus it works right in my browser.