Kitchen Stage One Complete

Stage 1 completeIt’s been a few months since I moved in and started working on the kitchen remodel so I’m glad to report that Stage 1 is complete. Stage 1 is what you see here, with half of the upper cabinets installed including the appliances. Every bit of it built by me. Stage 2 will complete the kitchen with the rest of the cabinets, paint and tiling.

When I first made the offer on the house I wasn’t initially planning to remodel the kitchen. But after spending a few hours in it, it was clear that I was not going to be happy with the wear and tear that had been put on it for 20+ years. I used Home Depot’s design service to do the design, which turned out to be a good deal. It’s costs $100 for them to come out and do the measurements and plug everything into the computer. They give $100 off materials if you buy from them.

When choosing the materials for the cabinets I looked at both the lowest cost and highest cost cabinets. I’m pretty disappointed at the amount of particle board used in the construction of both version. The lowest cost is totally made of particle board except for the doors and are complete do-it-yourself. Where as the more expensive ones are about 50% particle board and are installed by someone else. I went with Mills Pride cabinets that Home Depot keeps on stock because of their much lower costs, significant in some cases. Despite the fact that they are made of particle board they are of pretty good quality and very easy to assemble. Well worth it for the money I saved. I would say it cost around $1000 for this section of cabinets (the maple doors were as much as the cost of the cabinet boxes, that’s the real expense).

Stage 2 will involve taking down the wall on the right and putting in a cabinets along the bottom (this is where the refrigerator originally was). This will open it up to the living room more. I’ve never pulled down a wall before (just as I never did any of this kitchen work before). I will also probably pull out the original tile back spash and put different tile up. I will finish it up with paint, trim and what ever else will be needed. I figure it will cost about $2000 to finish it up (doing it all myself of course) but don’t know when I will start it. In the mean time check out my Flickr photo set showing the stages of the remodel.

3 Replies to “Kitchen Stage One Complete”

  1. Excellent job. Looks really nice. Nice choice of cabinet style & color. With some patience, tools and an eye for detail you pulled it off.
    I did one kitchen – my first – with stock cabinets too a few of years ago. Saved a bundle because it was a fair number of cabinets. Did buy at Lowes, as, well, let’s just say the two Home Depots we went to were useless.
    Yes, do try to take the old backsplash tiles up and put new ones. Pretty easy to stick those new ones on with adhesive.
    I see you used those parquet tiles. Did you use that special adhesive? We’ve considered those for a remodel here, but then decided to go with refinishing so I returned the lot.

  2. Nice job!
    We’re restoring a 1922 house and our local Habitat homestore has a ton of new Mill’s Pride Santa Fe doors for sale, really cheap. Is this your style? I think we can buy closely matching cabinets and make the exchange. But I wanted to show my husband the style and color since I might need to snatch them up. Thanks!

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