Another Ski Lift

I’ve seen a new ski lift in the plans for the last few years at the Santa Fe Ski area. I wonder if this means that they actually built it over the summer. I look forward to a new lift but I believe in the rights of Native Americans. I don’t really know what the right answer is here.

The pueblo filed suit in August against the U.S. Forest Service, which had approved the expansion of the ski area. The ski company, which was not named as a defendant, recently intervened in the case.The pueblo contends the new lift will give skiers access to the tribe’s holiest shrines and locations, places where members conduct rituals and ceremonies that are necessary for the pueblo’s survival. Skiers presence in the area increases the risk that important shrines will be tampered with or destroyed the lawsuit says.


2 Replies to “Another Ski Lift”

  1. I would hold off.. If it is sacred land then let it be.. It’s not like Sante Fe is a big ski area… I was there in December once and there was shitty skiing.

  2. I would disagree that it’s shitty skiing. I skied there a lot after december and thought it pretty good, especially since they had more snow than most places in Colorado. A new lift would only improve things.

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