Summer 2005 Classes Are Done

This last quarter’s classes turned out to be more difficult than expected. I signed up for a MS Access class and a Business Stats class. I won’t say much more about the Access class. I already had experience with it so it was a easy A.

I was looking forward to the stats class, since I use it all the time in my work. Unfortunately we were plagued by a new teacher and a new book. The first two chapters of homework were taking students 8 hours (!) to complete, this after being in class for 4 hours. That’s just too much for people who also have real jobs. She cut it down quite a bit after that, but just illustrates how out of sync the teacher was with our needs.

I managed a B in the class, but not without a lot of help from my classmates. If I hadn’t been able to complete the homework I wouldn’t have ever passed. Yet, I still didn’t come out of the class with a good understanding of the subjects.


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