No Smart People Here

A a survey by Morgan Quitno Press has ranked all 50 states by how smart they are based on their education system. The top 3 smartest states are: Massachusetts, Connecticut and Vermont.

The top 3 dumbest states: Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico. Yes, New Mexico is the dumbest state. I not that surprised by how bad New mexico is doing, but I would have expected Arizona to fair a little better. After all I am a result of that public education system.

Natural Gas Prices Going Up, Up, Up

I guess high prices aren’t just going to be hitting the gas tank. PNM is going to raise prices of Natural gas to the highest ever at “91.24 cents per therm”, much higher than the last max price of 76 cents.

As the article points out, PNM is not allowed to make money on natural gas, only on electricity. I can imagine what the price of it would be if they were making a profit. Still, the cost of adding energy efficient widows and adding other energy efficient items to the house comes down in relation to energy prices.

Summer 2005 Classes Are Done

This last quarter’s classes turned out to be more difficult than expected. I signed up for a MS Access class and a Business Stats class. I won’t say much more about the Access class. I already had experience with it so it was a easy A.

I was looking forward to the stats class, since I use it all the time in my work. Unfortunately we were plagued by a new teacher and a new book. The first two chapters of homework were taking students 8 hours (!) to complete, this after being in class for 4 hours. That’s just too much for people who also have real jobs. She cut it down quite a bit after that, but just illustrates how out of sync the teacher was with our needs.

I managed a B in the class, but not without a lot of help from my classmates. If I hadn’t been able to complete the homework I wouldn’t have ever passed. Yet, I still didn’t come out of the class with a good understanding of the subjects.

The House Hunting Process: Waiting For Closing

Front of house

The house will be mine. I’ve signed all the mortgage papers, I’ve signed all the contracts, the inspections are done. I’m just waiting for closing. The official closing date is September 19th, but I cannot imagine why it would take that long.

The place needs work, I knew this before making the offer and the inspection revealed the details. Nothing is so bad that will stop me from moving in. I will be doing some work before I actually move.

You can view pictures of the house on a flickr set.

More Computer Problems For The Lab

LANLs is in trouble again. A guy bought a salvaged computer from them that hadn’t been completely erased, unfortunately for them he works at a TV station.

KOB-TV of Albuquerque reported Thursday night that one of its photographers bought an Apple computer several weeks ago. “In the computer … we found documents labeled classified,” KOB reported.A Los Alamos spokesman said there is “little to no chance” classified information is on the computer and the station “misserved the public” and “jumped to erroneous conclusions.”Lab spokesman Jim Fallin said Friday that the computer “never, never would have used or produced classified information, nor was the computer ever in a classified area.”

Intelligent Design In Rio Rancho

From KRQE.

Rio Rancho’s school board has adopted a policy allowing alternative theories to evolution to be discussed in the city’s public school science classrooms.The board voted 3-2 on Monday in favor of the policy.New Mexico American Civil Liberties Union director Peter Simonson says the policy’s primary purpose is to teach “intelligent design.”

They need to give equal time to all forms of alternative theories.

Update 08/24/05 12:25 PM: The ACLU is getting involved.

A New City Near Rio Rancho?

I’m for new cities near Albuquerque. A diversity of city management is a good thing. Looks like there’s a possibility of a new city west of Rio Rancho being built over the next 30 years. I hope the county addresses the issue of roads. Right now there are no freeways out that way and as far as I can tell, no plans for any.

An Arizona developer wants to build a new community in Sandoval County that eventually could have 70,000 residents.Recorp of Scottsdale wants to build the community about ten miles west of Rio Rancho.The community would be called Rio West.Recorp has submitted a master plan for about 12-thousand acres to the county.

Also looks like Albuquerque plans to add a chunk to the city the size of Rio Rancho, on the west side of course. Actually planning this development out ahead of time would be the ideal situation, since Albuquerque has done a really crappy job of this so far.