House Hunting Week 5

Houses seemed to dry up this week, as I only had one prospect

This house was overpriced by about $20K. It had been bought by an investor and fixed up, but it was done somewhat half-assed. Its land was too small anyways.


3 Replies to “House Hunting Week 5”

  1. I firmly believe that hunting for a house is the best part of the whole process. You never know what’s going to be around the next corner, or what’s going to be on the market from week to week. The one thing you don’t want to do is buy on emotion.
    Once that’s all done, you get to look forward to the endless paperwork and the last minute midnight fax episodes at your local Kinkos 😉 It never failes that the lender *always* needs something with your signature on it at the last minute…

  2. Phew! Looks you’re house-hunting in Rio Rancho.
    Is this house going to be [1] a short-term investment for an indeterminate stay, here or [2] are you looking to settle into NM, grab a place to live you can make into something special and enjoyable — and maybe even appreciate in value a wee bit?
    I have friends who retired and moved here — to RR and it’s worked fine for what they want.
    I’ve been here 19 years, now, and only spent the 1st year living in metro Abq. It’s cheaper, there. And that’s about it.

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