Smelly Neighbors

There’s nothing worse then when the person setting next to you stinks. All of the smoke from the wildfires in Arizona are prompting health warnings in New Mexico. Meanwhile the Phoenix area has their normal amount of smog, most of it’s not caused by the fires.

House Hunting Week 5

Houses seemed to dry up this week, as I only had one prospect

This house was overpriced by about $20K. It had been bought by an investor and fixed up, but it was done somewhat half-assed. Its land was too small anyways.

Oregon Continues With Medical Marijuana

This is interesting, despite the Supreme Court ruling, Oregon is continuing with it’s medical marijuana program. So if the ruling “has not impact”, then what is the point?

“The (Supreme Court) decision has no legal impact on the operation of Oregon’s program,” according to a statement by Oregon Attorney General Hardy Myers’ office.

House Hunting Week 4

The trend continues, I either like the house and not the land or I like the land and not the house.

This house kind of had a weird lay out.

  • I’m not so much in love with the sunken living room, especially since it was sunken about 6 inches or less it seemed.
  • The kitchen was small and it didn’t seem to have much room to expand
  • No back yard access with a vehicle

This was a Amrep house built in the early 1970s. I’m not a huge fan of Amrep homes (more on that some other time) but this one had a very nice layout. THe kitchen was very well done. The owners had already done most of the renovation work I would have with wood floors and painting and so-forth.

Unfortunately the yard was really that big (.25 acres or maybe smaller). And I wouldn’t be able to talk them down much considering the work that was done.

This house has a nice large back yard with block walls. It’s also a Amrep house and lives up the the “werid” design that some Amrep houses have. I don’t mind a 2 story house but this one was just not right.

Finally the last house of the week. Another Amrep house that has a interesting design. I liked it actually. They had put tile on the kitchen counters, it looked nice but was the kind of adobe tile that wasn’t uniform. Thus the counters are uneven. And of course the plot of land was too small/had no vehicle access.

100,000 And Going Strong

My 4×4 Ford Ranger reached a milestone today when it reached a 100,000 miles. I’m happy to say I’m the original owner, purchasing it new in 1996 (it’s a 1997 model) with something like 27 miles on it.

It’s been a good truck, disproving to me that american cars can be well built. It’s not without out it’s share of problems. For the last few years I’ve had a terrible vibration in the vehicle. I’ve taken it to Don Chalmers Ford who diagnosed it with need tires and shocks. I agree that tires can cause some bad issues with it but they weren’t the problems I was having. I could tell it was a front end problem especially since there was sever cupping in the front tires. I finally took it to Bob Turners who correctly diagnosed with needing front new springs. They weren’t even able to properly align it, it’s strange that Don Chalmers didn’t figure that out, even though they charged me $90 for a vibration analysis.

I’ve not heard of spring going bad, but since they have replaced them the tires wear properly and it rides a thousand percent better. Perhaps more people need them and don’t realize it.

I’m experiencing a breaking problem and I suspect the front right (and maybe left) rotors are warped and need replaced. It will be the first time that any such work as been done on this vehicle. Meanwhile my coworkers are telling me how their brand new Nissan need rotors right after they bought it. Other than that there’s been a few minor things, some emissions related thing need replaced a few months ago and some and a few issues with a electronic 4 wheel drive switch.

The engine runs as strong as it did the day I bought it. It doesn’t leak anything or burn anything it’s not suppose to. And the gas mileage is about 15 mpg, not great but near what it did when I got it (and not bad for a 4×4). Thanks Dad for showing me how to take proper care of a vehicle. With luck, I will have it for another 100,000 miles!

Rafting In Taos

I ended up with a very busy weekend, with school, a friday trip and a party on Saturday there was no time to post. Not to mention the wireless I’m, er… borrowing, went down and I my trial of MarsEdit expired.

The fact that 2 people have died going down the same part of the river did not stop us from making a rafting trip down the Rio Grande river on Friday. That’s me in the picture, the blue hat in the back. I was a little worried at first, but it wasn’t really that bad.

The trip was suppose to take 3+ hours but took less than 1 1/2 because of the speed of the water. We also saw where the the unfortunate incident took place that lead to the death of Carolyn Whalen. Really, it’s a matter of a good guide keeping the boat from going in the wrong place and the river not forcing you there.

It was fun, were looking at doing “the box” which is a rougher part that’s farther north up the river.