House Hunting Week 2

I’m being very careful this time around, not jumping into anything unless I’m very sure it’s what I want. I looked at two house this week.

This house, being a HUD home, was foreclosed on.

  • The interior was pretty dated, probably was built in the 70s.
  • For a HUD home, it isn’t in bad shape but does need work.
  • The house is good size at ~1500 square feet, but the kitchen is smaller than my apartments!
  • The yard is probably a 1/4 acre, but oddly shaped.
  • The landscaping isn’t too bad. Mostly dead grass and no rocks.
  • Asking price is $85,000

Although it seems cheap, it gets bid on. Bids are due on this house by the end of next week. My concern is that I could get outbid by a contractor who can do the fix up work cheap that I can (which is apparently happening with the HUD homes around here). Even though it’s the fixer upper that I’m looking for the kitchen needs more work than I think I’m prepared (or know how to) do. Not to mention the yard is oddly shaped.

This house didn’t have any lot size info on the MLS, only saying it was on a culdesack. To make a long story short, the house was pretty nice inside but the lot was very small.

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