Welcome To FTHOI 2.0

Welcome to For The H*ll Of It 2.0, now powered by Blosxom. I’m not here to bash iBlog, my previous blogging app, it’s been a good system and I paid the full shareware fee for it. But I’ve been disappointed with the slow pace of development and lack of fixes for even the smallest bugs. After studying different system, weighing the pros and cons, I decided to abandon iBlog for a more customizable solution. Blosxom also gives me some features that I really like.

Blosxom has no database to keep track of entries. The file system is the database, so to speak. Entries get filed as text files and saved in folders. Blosxom then generates the site categories based on the folder structures, this means subcategories are easy to make. It’s easy to manage this way and there’s no secret to where your entries are. It’s also very easy to move to another computer if necessary.

Running Blosxom on my local computer is easy. Once I have the single perl script installed in my webserver directory on my local computer (and have personal web serving turned on) I simply access it via this URL: http://localhost/cgi-bin/blosxom.cgi. .mac doesn’t allow the use of cgi scripts, this is where the killer feature of Blosxom comes in; it can generate static web pages. By using a proper command in the terminal, I can tell Blosxom to make a static version of the site where ever I want, in this case I have it generate the site on my iDisk.

I will be importing my iBlog entries over and writing more about this and how I did it in the coming weeks. Until then they are still in their old directory structure. (you can fine the old home page here)

Update 05/17/05 8:05PM: Still playing around with Blosxom/MarsEdit and how it saves entries. This one may move around as I figure out how date/time stamps work.


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