Would I Fail This 4th Grade Test

Johnny Mango declares that the current APS (Albuquerque Public Schools) assessment test will be too hard. Look at the examples test questions he gives:

  • You go to a party. There are 3 drinks, 2 sandwiches, and 4 kinds of candy. How many combinations of all three are possible?
  • You have the sides of a rectangular prism flattened out. How many faces and how many total cubic inches are there?
  • You have a carpet and a runner of certain dimensions. Is the rug 3 square feet more than the runner?

These test questions or for 4th graders, do they seem like they might be over their heads? I’m not qualified to say what’s good for a 4th grader and what’s not but this seems like they are bit complicated. I even had a hard time understanding exactly what the questions are asking on the first few read through.

Albuquerque schools are in a dismal state. I;m glad to see the school district trying to improve things but this might be a bit more than the kids are ready for right now.

Click through to see if I answered them correctly.

Let’s see if I answered these questions correctly?

  1. 3x2x4 = 24
  2. This question was confusing to me. But it says a flattened rectangular prism. So at one point it was 3 dimensional which mean it has 6 faces. But since it’s flattened out it has no cu inches, otherwise they would have to give some size information.
  3. I have no freaking idea.


3 Replies to “Would I Fail This 4th Grade Test”

  1. If I was in 4th grade right now, I probably wouldn’t do too well on that test…. That test is definitely NOT age appropriate.
    I got the same answer as you for all of the questions. A carpet and a runner? WTF? Alright, so a carpet is…a carpet, but a runner?! I’m in 10th grade, and have no idea what they’re talking about…and I generally consider myself to be more educated than a 4th grader….

  2. wow, number 2 is actually a trick question, and number 3?
    I know what a runner is, but as far as I ever knew, there are never comparable rug/runner dimensions. A runner is simply a skinny rug that runs down a hallway. Could be any dimensions at all.
    When I was a kid, I always scored in the 99th percentile on exams (I know, nerd), but even now, with a postgraduate degree, I’d be hard pressed to answer these.

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