Local Channels Out

For subscribers of DirecTV in the Albuquerque area (and perhaps elsewhere) local channels are out. Would it be too much to ask to put their outage information on their website? I had to call the 1800 number and all it said were the locals were out, no status or anything.

Actually they have been pretty reliable, this is the first real outage I can think of them ever having. Still, I pay them a lot of money every month so there should be no outages. At the very least the could give me more info on when it’s coming back.


One Reply to “Local Channels Out”

  1. I tried direct tv a few years ago and i was told i would have local channels. i didn’t. i was later told that i could put an antenna on my roof and get them if i wanted, I explained if i wanted an antenna i would have gotten an antenna and i was promised that i could watch my local channels. i spent the whole of one season at the local bar watching the football games because of this. i don’t trust direct tv after that. I hope you get your local channels back but where i live it just isnt available with direct tv

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