.Mac Affiliates Program Denies Me

You know, it’s just bizarre to me that they accepted me for the iTunes affiliate program but not the .mac program. Yet I am a .mac user. Who better to promote their program that the users?

From: dotmacaffiliate@mac.com
Subject: .Mac (Apple Computer, Inc.) Your LinkShare Affiliate Application Status
Date: December 16, 2004 2:33:24 PM MST
To: Greg Smith

Dear Greg Smith:

We regret to inform you that .Mac (Apple Computer, Inc.) has chosen not to accept
you into their affiliate program at this time. The reason for this
decision may be as follows:

* inability to access Web site
* Web site not yet live
* traffic levels too low
* inappropriate material on site

Please feel free to re-apply with .Mac (Apple Computer, Inc.) whenever you feel you
have been able to address the concern(s) listed above.

The LinkShare Network also consists of hundreds of other Affiliate
Programs. We encourage you to look for other programs that may be of
interest to you. Simply log in to your account by clicking here
(http://www.linkshare.com) and then clicking on a program category for
additional merchant listings.

If you encounter any problems, or have any questions or concerns, please
contact LinkShare at contact@linkshare.com. Thank you for your participation in The LinkShare Network, and we look forward to a rewarding partnership with you!

Best regards,

The LinkShare Team



5 Replies to “.Mac Affiliates Program Denies Me”

  1. they did the same with mine. Approved for itunes but not the apple store. It is weird they turned you down considering you’re an actual user though. It’s probably a traffic requirement.

  2. I’m very sorry to hear that.
    They’ll likely bump a LOT if not most requests then. Blogs do get a lot of exposure – even though many of us frequent in the same “Apple user circle” … Haven’t heard back on mine. Don’t know if that’s a good or a bad thing, or just my spot in request order.
    Such a shame, showing people – who buy Apple, promote Apple, give Apple feedback on apps & hardware – the door.

  3. Yep. Same denial here.
    Doubt anything offensive. It’s live. It’s accessible & in fact already recommends .Mac! So traffic? I don’t know what stats they are looking for but I get the impression only pro sites & portals will qualify.
    Thumbs down for Apple.

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