Red Light Cameras

A form of modern police enforcement has arrived in Albuquerque. Since 18 October 2004 there have been red light cameras placed at two intersections. The police have been surprised that more than 2200 people have been caught running red lights, more than twice what they initially expected.

Apparently the Police never actually drive on the roads, because I’m not at all surprised. I would even say that running red lights is the biggest traffic issue in Albuquerque. Probably the worst variation are those that run the left turn arrow.

I for one welcome our red light camera overloads to Albuquerque. I would hope that the next one goes at Coors & Montano Rd, which is the second most dangerous intersection in the state. 


6 Replies to “Red Light Cameras”

  1. Boy. I wish we would get these. There is one intersection I drive through regularly… it is on the Yahoo Commute Expressway (aka Verona Road). The light turns red then 5 or six more cars gun through the intersection hoping to save minutes of time.
    I’ll have to have our police department call your police department.
    – Jim

  2. More of the European police camera “wave” hitting the US?
    I agree that red light cameras are a very good thing. Not a day goes past or I see someone running red. Less often than running stop signs, but there’s a few intersections here where I wait an extra moment on green, just to make sure.
    In Europe these cams at intersections are often combined red light & speed. Either will prompt it to take a snapshot.

  3. Looking at the article: they’re giving warnings for 3 months and unless city approves they can’t give citations? Pretty tolerant I’d say, as my experience is instant “cash cow” mode. They rig speed cameras up every few miles in some places in NL & BE.

  4. I like “Red Light Cameras” when they do what they are supposed to do. I do have to question the impetus for installing them though; is this an effort to correct traffic problems or an effort to raise revenue. Keep in mind that ACS (Affiliated Computer Services) the makers of “Red Light Cameras” get kickbacks of up to 50% of the ticket price for every violation. In court you don’t have anybody to redress your concerns to. The judge will simply say the camera caught you and the maintenance tech certifies that the camera is working. So I will say that cameras are good until your the one being ‘mistakenly’ targeted. Good luck with that Safety for Security thing.

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