Finally, Some Snow!

My friends, this is what I have been waiting for. I’m looking of my office building now and can see out about 500 feet. The roads are covered and I’m hearing were going to get a good 3-5 inches. Not the many feet of snow that some parts of the country get but enough to reek havoc on this town. 4 WD will likely be engaged today.

The forcast for tomorrow is cold and sunny which means melting snow turning to ice.

[Updated:] Well it’s turned out to be kind of anti-climatic. About 10am it was snowing hard. The roads were covered in it. Then came news that several roads were closed and the hill up to Rio Rancho had 7 accidents on it, it was closed as well.

About 12:30 I decided to leave work, everyone else had. The snow had pretty much stopped. The roads were clear and a good bit of the snow had melted. It’s still pretty cold under 30 degrees.

Still more snow is expected. 

3 Replies to “Finally, Some Snow!”

  1. Jealous! No snow here yet 😦 Could’ve been our 3rd snow storm, yet it is again continuous rain.
    Plaid Cow, I remember a similar instance (though not 30″) in the EU. Avoided secundary roads (not lit & unplowed) but even the primaries the were still largely covered with a thick layer of white. My little commute took forever. Many careless (& dumb?) drivers and of course accidents 😦 I was so glad I got home with me & the car intact.

  2. I can’t wait to get home to Canada (3 more days!!!) and get some snow! My hometong got dumped on a month back and there wasn’t power for three or four days in some parts of the province. I just hope it’s nothing like that while I’m around!

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