Finally, Some Snow!

My friends, this is what I have been waiting for. I’m looking of my office building now and can see out about 500 feet. The roads are covered and I’m hearing were going to get a good 3-5 inches. Not the many feet of snow that some parts of the country get but enough to reek havoc on this town. 4 WD will likely be engaged today.

The forcast for tomorrow is cold and sunny which means melting snow turning to ice.

[Updated:] Well it’s turned out to be kind of anti-climatic. About 10am it was snowing hard. The roads were covered in it. Then came news that several roads were closed and the hill up to Rio Rancho had 7 accidents on it, it was closed as well.

About 12:30 I decided to leave work, everyone else had. The snow had pretty much stopped. The roads were clear and a good bit of the snow had melted. It’s still pretty cold under 30 degrees.

Still more snow is expected. 

Most Dangerous/Safest Cities in the U.S.

These are the most dangerous and safest cities in America. Nothing in New Mexico showed up in either list. But I was surprised to see Phoenix show up in the top 10 for most dangerous of cities with a population of 500,000 or more. Phoenix-Mesa-Scottsdale showed up under the most dangerous 25 list of metropolitan areas. (I grew up around those areas,) 

Some Weather Expected

Snow is possible today through Wednesday. But it’s been cloudy and cold for 2 days now with just one instance where tiny flakes fell for about 10 minutes. That’s OK the important thing is the Santa Fe ski area has 10″ of snow with more falling. They are also making snow and plan to open Thanksgiving day. 

Solar Powered Cave for Hermit

Ah yes, we don’t have enough wackos with the drunk driving and all. We get these characters as well

Roy Michael Moore, a 56-year-old who grew up in Amarillo, said he came to Los Alamos about four years ago for a “very distinct reason”: to get the attention of scientists working on the most complex cosmological problems of the universe and introduce them to his unifying theory.
Mike, as he calls himself, has come to be known as either the “caveman” or the “hermit,” depending on to whom you talk, since he was discovered on Oct. 13 living in a well-appointed cave in a deep, wooded canyon on Los Alamos National Laboratory property.

It’s not enough that he was living in the cave but he also had put in a door and sealed it in with foam insulaltion and had solar cells. It appears that he had been living there for years. If it wasn’t for the massive smoke put out by his stove this time around they would have never found him.
He also had some Marijuana plants growing around his little cave, apparently to help with his research.

[Updated:] What the? This guy has his own website (of course he does). Thanks Boing Boing.