Privacy Policy

I understand the need for privacy in todays online world. Therefore I have written this statement to explain how I use any information collected by this site.

You must first understand that a large percentage of this site is generated by “third parties”, that means I allowed other companies or organizations to have content on this site. This includes things like the comments, advertisements and other features. I cannot control how they use your information but I have made every effort to ensure they have reasonable usage of your information and they do not intend to use it for “evil” means, such as selling email addresses to spammers, etc.

As of this posting, this site is hosted by .mac, a service provided by Apple Computers to subscribers of their .mac service. I do not have direct control over the operation of their servers.

I do not collect IP addresses, however they are logged with the “site traffic” monitors that I subscribe to. I can look at this information and see what the IP address is but I do not keep it for any reason. Generally this information is used in aggregate to see the type of browser you are using, time, date and pages viewed during your visit. If you send me a email

it becomes my property to do with as I please. In nearly every circumstance I will not do anything nefarious with your email, however I may repost it on my site if I find a good reason. If you send me spam, especially items that fit in with the 411 scam messages you can bet I will post that. If you send me something funny or interesting I may post it but remove your email.

I usually keep a large list of links I find interesting. I cannot control what happens when you leave this site, they may have their own privicy policies and may even do “evil” things with your data, though I would usally never link to them if I thought that and not include a disclaimer.

Cookies should not be required to view this site in the most basic way, however some things may not work without them.


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