50 Best Hispanic Restaurants

Hispanic Magazine has listed their top 50 “hispanic” (aka “Mexican”) restaurants. I guess referring to this type of food as “Mexican” may be offensive to those in Mexico. What is the criteria for being on this list?

we once again present our picks and our readers? picks of the top 50 Hispanic restaurants in the United States, including Puerto Rico. All of the restaurants honor the cuisine of the Americas in traditional or innovative ways, whether they are fancy or casual dining establishments 

So they are light on details. From the data it looks like they choose based on population. But this isn’t a competition after all. At least New Mexico had more restaurants than all the other non-most-populous states.

I do have to admit that I’m not one to run out and try new resturants. Someone has to take me there for me to discover it. I’ve never heard of Casa Ruiz Church Street Cafe, Barelas Coffee House or Restaurante Rancho de Chimayo but I would have added Gabriel’s (just north of Santa Fe) and El Pinto (located in Albuquerque).



3 Replies to “50 Best Hispanic Restaurants”

  1. I don’t think it is fair to say that hispanic restaurants are basically Mexican. While I’m sure that there are a lot of Mexican restaurants in New Mexico, this is not true everywhere. Like in Miami for instance, there are tons of Cuban, Nicaraguan, Peruvian, and Argentinean restaurants as well as Mexican ones.
    Also, cool site.

  2. We have several “real” Mexican restaurants here in Southern California. In fact, I need a carne asada fix at least once a week. And no week goes by without a few burritos. Ugh, how I hate when I have to travel to Europe for business. Lemme tell ya, there isn’t Mexican/Hispanic whatever ya wanna call it there.

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