The Magic Roundabout

What kind of evil genius thinks up a traffic nightmare like this? Apparently it works but I can’t imagine this working in the US. I’m getting dizzy just looking at it.

The new roundabout (see picture) was the work of the Road Research Laboratory (RRL) and their solution was brilliantly simple. All they did was combine two roundabouts in one – the first the conventional, clockwise variety and the second, which revolved inside the first, sending traffic anti-clockwise.



6 Replies to “The Magic Roundabout”

  1. It does. I’ve been thru there a number of times in non-rush hours and it was a nightmare to navigate. You have to look for oncoming cars on both ways all the times! And during rush hours, it is grid locked every day. At least that’s what the traffic reports used to say…

  2. We have several of these in my town, and they are hideous! Some urban planner who had nothing better to do thought these things up. It is my belief that he travels to all the places they build them, gets a nearby hotel room where he can see his mess with a telescopic viewing device, opens a can of beer, and has the time of his life watching all of us idiots trying to navigate them. But, then again, that’s how most things work.

  3. What the h?
    Never seen anything like it, and can’t imagine it works. We have two dual lane roundabouts nearby. They are an absolute danger with people not giving way, not using turn signals, …
    Even for Europeans who are quite familiar with roundabouts, I can’t see that dual roundabout work … ?!

  4. Looking at the article and closer at the photo again, that’s actually 5 roundabouts in a super roundabout … with the counterclockwise part being the UK left drive. Seems like a big right of way nightmare …

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