I've Seen A Large Spike In Traffic

It has been an interesting week after receiving the most traffic to my site ever. After posting my PowerBook SuperDrive cleaning article I sent it to AccelerateYourMac. In which I received a lot of traffic. It then got picked up by mactechnews, macsurfer, Albireo’s PowerBook, macfeber, macbytes, powerbook-fr and finally AppleTalk Australia. Just shows you what can happen with a link or two from a Mac site.

It will probably be the most traffic I will ever see. Unfortunately I’ve been too busy with work to post much else to really take advantage of it.

Last 20 Days Unique Visitors
12 Aug, Thu 173
13 Aug, Fri 140
14 Aug, Sat 127
15 Aug, Sun 156
16 Aug, Mon 155
17 Aug, Tue 170
18 Aug, Wed 131
19 Aug, Thu 126
20 Aug, Fri 139
21 Aug, Sat 534
22 Aug, Sun 645
23 Aug, Mon 1104
24 Aug, Tue 747
25 Aug, Wed 1158
26 Aug, Thu 367
27 Aug, Fri 182
28 Aug, Sat 117
29 Aug, Sun 163
30 Aug, Mon 234
31 Aug, Tue 13


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