Evaporative Cooler Thermostat Fail

I woke up early this morning mainly because the swamp cooler had been running an extra long time (it blows right on me). I knew something was wrong because it felt cold yet I knew I set the super fancy digital thermostat to 78 degrees before I went to bed. The house temp was 68 degrees and the darn thermostat wouldn’t turn off. Even setting it to “off” wouldn’t turn it off.

I sent a email off to Dial Manufacturing of Phoenix, Az but I suspect it’s going to be easier to just replace the darned thing. 

6 Replies to “Evaporative Cooler Thermostat Fail”

  1. I find it interesting the temperatures that people in various parts of the country find warm/cold. The air conditioner in the bedroom is set to keep it at a balmy 68 degrees. (That is a little chilly, but 70 just leaves the room too warm.)

  2. Unrelated, but I think the “letter-spacing: normal;” in your css link tag may be causing problems with firefox on the PC (mosuing over the text causes the length of the line to change which causes wierd wrapping).

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