Site Updates

I’ve been hard at work at several changes around here. A lot of it under the hood.

Things were getting out of control with a miscellaneous folder I was throwing photos in. iBlog wasn’t able to control the placement of photos in the entries as it is now so to get around that I was using HTML code. I went through and removed the HTML and put the photos into the entries. A major pain to go through some 300 entries to check them all.

Next I changed the basic layout of the site. The Abstract now only shows on the main and category pages with the Body only showing on the main entry page. This allows me to make a quick intro to the entry, as I think it was intended. Again I had to through each entry and make sure it had the body set up correctly.

I went through and made some tweaks to the template. Check out the menu bar at the top and the “quick links” on a entry page. I think it works out pretty good.

I cleaned up the photo album entries. Your mother always told you that tables are for tabular data, not layouts. So i removed the table structure of the albums and made them pure CSS. The advantage of the CSS layout is that it will auto adjust the columns so they don’t overlap. Check out a album and resize the browser window to see what I mean.

And finally I added a whole bunch of stuff as blog entries (check out the photo section) that have been floating around my .mac account without a real way to get to them. I still got a few things to add but I think the majority of it’s there now. 

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