Santa Fe: Minimum $8.50/hr

Santa Fe, the capitol city of New Mexico, has tried to put a “living wage” in effect but was stopped by a lawsuit. The problem with Santa Fe is it’s very expensive to live there. Not only is it the Capitol but seems to attract a lot of the well-to-do.

Yesterday a judge said that the city can go along with it’s wage increase, “Our city council recognized that the $5.15 federal minimum wage just isn’t enough for working families in Santa Fe,” said Maria Cornejo, a local resident who has worked as a cleaner at Santa Fe hotels. Added Carol Oppenheimer of the Santa Fe Living Wage Network, which led the campaign for the ordinance, “With a living wage, the hard-working people of Santa Fe will be better able to support themselves and their families.” Now there are those that worry that businesses will leave Santa Fe for cheaper cites. Albuquerque is only a hour down the freeway. 


2 Replies to “Santa Fe: Minimum $8.50/hr”

  1. good show for sante fe! those summer opera tix certainly don’t come cheap! 🙂
    if i may, i’m certain you meant to write capitAl instead of capitOl! cheers!
    btw—- landed here through your blogsnob ad in my blog! 🙂

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