Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta UFO Identified As Balloon

I happened across this site where they took a picture of a UFO (UFO means unidentified, not a ailen spaceship). The photo is from the 1991 Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta.

They have a great explantion of what they saw

One might be led to believe that I actually saw a UFO that is an extra-terrestrial vehicle that was large but far away. The fact is that I saw it at a crowded sitr and in a crowded sky. The photo was taken during a hot air balloon mass ascension and a balloon flew behind this curious object after I had taken the photo. Thus I was able to determine the object was no more than a few feet in diameter. My guess (and it is only a guess) is that it was some sort of mylar balloon reflecting the sunlight and caught in the wind, even though it appeared to be stationary and rotating from my vantage point. Or who knows….Maybe they are just really small aliens attending the balloon fiesta like I was!</blockquote

It’s good to see an actual explanation and not instantly assuming it’s a spaceship. As much as I would like to believe, the truth is really out there. I’m almost sure it’s always man made. 

Santa Fe: Minimum $8.50/hr

Santa Fe, the capitol city of New Mexico, has tried to put a “living wage” in effect but was stopped by a lawsuit. The problem with Santa Fe is it’s very expensive to live there. Not only is it the Capitol but seems to attract a lot of the well-to-do.

Yesterday a judge said that the city can go along with it’s wage increase, “Our city council recognized that the $5.15 federal minimum wage just isn’t enough for working families in Santa Fe,” said Maria Cornejo, a local resident who has worked as a cleaner at Santa Fe hotels. Added Carol Oppenheimer of the Santa Fe Living Wage Network, which led the campaign for the ordinance, “With a living wage, the hard-working people of Santa Fe will be better able to support themselves and their families.” Now there are those that worry that businesses will leave Santa Fe for cheaper cites. Albuquerque is only a hour down the freeway. 

Site Flavored Google Search

Google Labs has a new feature.

What is Site-Flavored Google Search? Site-Flavored Google Search uses a Google search box to deliver custom web search results, based on a profile filled out by a site’s webmaster. The profile reflects the content of the website, and when the site-flavored search box is placed within the pages of that site, users are able to view search results that are “flavored” to be more relevant to them. To put a Site-Flavored Google Search box on your site, click the “Start here…” link above.

So without further adue, here is one for the site you are currently visiting…

Google homeHTML = “”; document.getElementById(“hm”).innerHTML = homeHTML;

Vegetable Garden Update

Last years vegetable garden was basically a miserable failure. But I can learn from my mistakes. And this year I’m having great success. The earliest crops has been the spinach and the snow peas.

Here are some things I purposely did verses last year that have brought my current success.

  1. I put as much compost into the ground as I could. I also put a lot of lobster carcasses from a lobster party we had.
  2. I didn’t use any hills or plant anything in elevated mounds. The entire thing was left flat.
  3. I put a nice thick layer of compost over it after I tilled.
  4. I used a drip system for water. Instead of sprayers I used recycled tire soaker hoses that run the length of the rows.
  5. I covered the whole thing with a nice layer of compost
  6. I’m using compost tea as a regular feeding

But not all has been perfect. The garden has been up for about 1.5 to 2 months and it’s starting to show signs of stress. The snow peas leaves are starting to turn brown as the the spinach. The garbonzo beans are starting to die off and most of them have brown leaves. It’s clear that my monthly application of compost tea is not often enough and/or does not have everything it needs.

Googling vegetable garden fertilizing came up with some helpful links, this one states, “Nitrogen is essential for vigorous vegetative growth and development. Phosphorus is necessary for good root development and for fruit and seed production. The role of potassium is not as well understood, but is important for overall plant development.” I gather then that what nutrients I put in the ground have probably been absorbed by the plants with Nitrogen being first on the list. To combat this I’m using organic fish emulsion fertilizer with a 5-1-1 (5% nitrogen, 1% phosphorus & 1% potassium). along with increasing my application of compost tea we will see what the results are. I’ve also learned that peas can use a lot of nitrogen so I’m not surprised that the plants around the peas are suffering the most.

Next year I need to do a better job of placing plants together based on similar feeding and watering habits. At least we get to actually enjoy the harvest this year! 

Rio Rancho & Lots Of WiFI

Rio Rancho, New Mexico is just butted up against Albuquerque to the north. Thanks to Intel (the largest employer in Rio Rancho and one of the largest in the state) they will have the worlds largest WiFi hot spot. It will cover 103 square miles including residential homes. Funny since you can barley get DSL and no internet via cable.

I lived in Rio Rancho (often called Rio Rathole) when I first moved here. At the time it was mostly a overgrown truck stop with no roads. The road have improved some and the whole city has grown up a lot, it’s good to see some high tech anything moving in.

[Update:] Check out the submission I made to slashdot. Unfortunately I couldn’t remember my password otherwise I would have tons of traffic coming to this site 🙂 

Still no updates

Here’s an update to say I have no updates. I’m figuring I need about $10K to do about 80% of this project. Right now I’m working on paying off about $15K in bills. Probably take me a year or two at my current rate (unless I win the lottery). So don’t expect much between now and then. 

Thanks for the Review

Whatdayaknow… The WeblogReview reviewed my website today. I have to pretty much agree with what the reviewer said. Interestingly enough this weekend I sat down trying to figure out what was causing the side columns to overlap the center, it turned out to be a extra “<” next to the letter A that I missed. Took me forever to figure that out. I had also thought along the same lines that the site navigation needed some improvement so I moved things around to address this.

As for the IE thing. I’m not sure what to do. The current version of IE that I have on my PC at works seems to do a pretty decent job except for the javascript errors (which I’m still trying to isolate). I know older versions of IE choke on some of the CSS. Not much I can do about that. It’s definitely not an issue where I’m purposly trying to prevent IE users from viewing the page, I just don’t know what I need to do to make it work as well as it does on Safari.