The Wayne-Dalton iDrive

Let me start off with a rant. To those marketing monkeys setting around trying to find names for new products: For the love of God leave the “i” off the front of your product. Yeah yeah, it was cute to have Macintosh related products with an “i” on it when the iMac first came out. But even that got old fast. It might make sense if your product had something to do with the Internet but even then your pushing it.

My point being that iDrive isn’t really a unique name and it’s mostly associated to computer related things. Yet Wayne-Dalton choose this name for there garage door opener. Yes people I’m talking about a garage door opener here.

Despite the stupid name it’s a very innovative product. It’s about as high tech as you can get for a garage door opener. It mounts directly above the garage door and therefore has no chains or other devices to run along the celling of the garage. It’s self contained in a small one small unit.

In the box comes 1 iDrive motor unit, 2 key chain remotes, 1 wall mount remote, 1 outside keypad remote, a light fixture and assorted screws and hardware. What doesn’t come with it is a wired wall mount remote. That means it’s completely wireless.

The wall remote has a “interlock” button on it that prevents it from working when it’s not in the case. Basically the case pushes the button and it works. Or as far as I can figure that’s what it’s purpose is. Maybe it’s a reset button or something but I couldn’t tell. All I know is that this button had come off the circuit board and that the wall remote showed no sign of life. I already had the main unit mounted on the garage door and didn’t want to pull it down to take it back to the store or worse: call Wayne-Dalton tech support. I whipped out my 15-watt soldering iron and soldered this surface mount button back on. The remote worked.

That was just the start of my problems. For some reason this thing did not want to receive signals from the remotes, or so it seemed. I went through the wall remote programming instructions (which are the same for the key chains) about a hundred times before I could get it to operate the garage door properly. Even then it was hit or miss if it would operate the garage door. It was completely random if it would open or not when you pushed the button. What was really strange was it would work better with the front cover off and would work consistently in the morning but not in the afternoon. This points to some sort of overheat situation, a sensor or something that thinks 70 degrees is too hot. Since we use our garage for the main entry into our house getting this thing to operate reliably started to become a big issue. So I broke down and called tech support.

I hate calling tech support for anything, particularly for consumer devices. Mainly because I get some person on the phone who doesn’t understand that I’m more technically inclined then most and don’t need to get the instructions for pushing the button. In this case it took 4 separate calls to tech support to get this thing replaced. In all 3 cases the first thing they made me do was go through the process of programming the remotes.

First call to tech support was after they closed (there on eastern time, I’m on mountain. Yesh!). They called back a few days later (phone message said 24 hours). It was at work so not much I could do. Guy said the reason the cover was a problem was because it was interfering with the programming button. Said that I should “adjust that”., that wasn’t the case. Next call to tech support. Guy makes me go through the programming of all the remotes. Jump through a bunch of other hoops. Still no resolution. He gets his next level tech support on the phone. Makes me go through programming the remotes. Blah! It’s not a programming issue already. Guy makes me take the wall remote out of it’s housing to get closer to the main unit with it. But wait a minute this this has some interlock button that prevents it’s from operating when it’s out side of it’s case. I told that to the guy twice, but he just didn’t get it. (Why do I know more about this thing them him?) Ok clearly it doesn’t work for sure now. He thinks the fuse is bad. I really was hoping the fuse was bad but when I pop it out it doesn’t appear to be bad. He suggests that I replace the fuse anyway and if that doesn’t work to call them back and he will make sure I get a new motherboard for this thing. I agree. I should have got his name. Oh and the wall remote didn’t work at all after that.

“Look”, I said to the 4th tech support person, “I’ve already been through this with the last 3 people. Not only do I know how to program the remotes because it’s in your manual and I’ve done it a hundred times, not to mention that the last 2 tech support people walked me through it and it didn’t help.”

“Sir, to me it sounds like the wall station isn’t programmed correctly.”

GRRRRR!!!! I’m a pretty calm person, but this set me off. I nearly yelled at the girl that A) The 3rd tech support person I talked to said that if I had to call back that the main unit would get replaced (which he put in his computer file, he promised me he would put it in the my file) b) I already told her that I went through this procedure a gazillion times and I am not doing it again.

“Well, I will have to send this through engineering and the warranty department since I cannot replace it because I couldn’t verify the proper operation”.

Fine, whatever. Just get me a new part. (I should mention that she did send me a wall remote)

A week later I get a call from Wayne-Dalton. They basically were sending me everything, a new main unit, wall remote, key chain remote. Yahoo!!! Finally some good news from these people, I thought for sure that they were going to give me a hard time about this and the eventually result was going to be me returning it to Lowes. Frustrated even more that a great idea didn’t work out.

A few days later the parts arrive. I installed the main unit the next weekend. What a relief, it works just as expected at any time of the day. One noticeable difference is the light control. WIth the old unit I could turn the light on from the wall remote but I could never get it to turn off. But it’s still not totally without problems. There’s a “detent” setting that controls how the motor arm thingy drops down. Right now it’s set in such a way that the motor never drops down into it’s locked position. I’ve only been able to get it to go down before the garage closes
or not at all. There’s som
e fine tuning to do with i
t but I never had to do that with the old one. I’m just happy the darned thing works.

Next step, getting the computer to control it.

9 Replies to “The Wayne-Dalton iDrive”

  1. iDrive – I found your site while looking for solutions for my i-drive garage door openers. I have 2 double doors so I have 2 units. 1 works fine except that the range for the wireless remotes is only about 10-20 ft. The other opens slowly and closes really fast. And the range on it is only about 5ft. I’m also a gadget guy but for the cost of these deficiencies it doesn’t pay to be on the cutting edge. How is your unit operating now?

  2. The replacement they sent me is now broke. The motor drive unit seems to be damaged so I had to hook up an old genie till I have time to deal with their tech support.

  3. I’m not so confident on my purchase anymore. At first it seemed OK to spend a little more to get the iDrive believing that it would be a better option down the line. Just yesterday I swapped one of the units out and exchanged it for another one at Lowes. I’m still having problems with reception. Yesterday I attempted to tie in additional wire to extend the antenna. It seemed to improve the reception but still not ideal. I still have to hit the remote button a few times before the garage door responds.

  4. Installed and un-installed an Idrive for Torsion springs just this past Sat/Sun. Damn thing definitely didn’t take “under 1 hr to install” and worse, the requirements on the first page or so for the Torsion springs is incomplete. As you go along in the install, more requirements will pop up. The bummer part was that after going thru the effort and over 10 hours to install it, it didn’t work properly, too glitchy for my taste. Returned the unit and bought a lifetime warranty Genie screw drive. Works like a charm, took 2 hours to install it by myself. It’s so quiet and opens the door at frightening speed, slower closing speed. I’d only recommend the iDrive to my worse enemies, and that’s probably a little harsh… 🙂
    Unfor I didn’t search the web for comments on the iDrive before I bought it. Never make that mistake again…

  5. I don’t have iDrive. But I have Classicdrive from the same company. It sucks. You got lucky to talk to tech support. I was put on hold for three days for more than half-an-hour. No response to my e-mails. This piece of junk going back to Menards today and no more Wayne-Dalton products for me!!!

  6. I installed my i-Drive three month ago. By the way it took me more than “the one hour” as advertised.
    Everything was smooth and perfect and I was almost proud of my “new concept/generation” of garage door opener… till the motor gear broke down.
    Living on the West coast I had to call the Customer Service at 6 am to get hold of them.
    After a couple of calls they finally decided to send me a new unit.
    Now it works fine but I am scared till when? My garage door is very well balanced.
    I guess if the unit break down again I will come back to a conventional opener.
    Another thing I hate the motor lock.
    The first time the lock came to early and damaged the door (small dent). Now it does not close at all.
    But as you said ” I am just happy the darn thing works”.

  7. I also have an idrive that is working great! The problem that most of you are experiencing with the motor not returning to the lock position is the tension of the springs on the door.

  8. The worst customer service I’ve ever encountered. After 4 months of use, our i-drive stripped a gear. After a combined total of an hour and a half on hold (they don’t answer email), I was told they won’t honor the warranty because I didn’t buy it from an authorized dealer. (My wife got it on Ebay) So I took it apart to see what broke. The worm gear looked awfully small to be driving a 16ft door.

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