Lasers + Desert = Kaboom

Wonder what all this vast New Mexico desert is good for? Well some scorpions and tarantulas might call it home but humans use it to test out weapons. The latest is something from science fiction, lasers to blow up missiles. I’ve been out to the Army’s White Sands Missile Range in the middle of the New Mexico and can tell you that they’ve got some weird looking buildings and equipment out there. IT’s been a while but they use to launch missiles from the base quite a bit. It’s kind of a strange feeling when your leaving for work at 5am and can see a while streak with a bright ball at the top of it streaking through the sothern sky.

If you don’t bother to read the press release here is the link to the pictures and video

One Reply to “Lasers + Desert = Kaboom”

  1. It’s strange to see them from here in Phoenix also, the last one I saw lit up the sky like the sun had already risen, then looked strange when it became dark again. It was during the winter months.

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