Way To Go Sunport!

I’m on a one day, undesirable, business trip to San Francisco today. I got to the Albuquerque Sunport about an hour earlier than needed. I am happy to find that they not only joined the modern world by adding WiFi, but it’s FREE! I had heard they were going to add it but I didn’t realize it was free. Now, I just need to find an outlet… Oh yeah, I put my power brick in my checked baggage! Grrrr… 

Spring Is Nearly Here

The average last frost date in Albuquerque is April 15th. I’m not letting that stop me from getting an early start on my vegetable garden this year. Last year I made many mistakes producing lack luster results. That’s ok because I have learned from my mistakes and will hopefully produce a bountiful harvest this summer.

The overall size of the garden has increased to 120 square feet from 100 last year. I’ve changed the irrigation system to make it easier to manage. Last year I had a single soaker hose that snaked from row to row. It was hard to move around and get water just where I wanted. The hose itself sucked because it was a thin walled hose with holes every 12 inches. Again hard to get water just where I wanted. This year I have a single poly hose that runs along the inside wall. I can then connect smaller hoses to this hose along the perimeter anywhere I want. I’m already using 1/4 inch recycled tire hose which is a soaker hose that spews water all over it.

My biggest concern is lack of nutrients in the soil. I added amendments last year and added more this year but it’s just not going to be enough. To overcome this I will use compost tea. “Why go to the extra trouble of brewing, straining, and spraying a tea rather than just working compost into the soil? There are several reasons. First, compost tea makes the benefits of compost go farther. What’s more, when sprayed on the leaves, compost tea helps suppress foliar diseases, increases the amount of nutrients available to the plant, and speeds the breakdown of toxins. Using compost tea has even been shown to increase the nutritional quality and improve the flavor of vegetables.” I’m betting a lot on this so it better work as good as they say. 

Great Weekend

The last few weeks has provided New Mexico with a lot of precipitation in the form of Snow. The Santa Fe Ski Basin has over 71 inches of snow. We (as in some friends from work) had the opportunity to enjoy it on Saturday. Although it was windy it was also sunny (sunny enough to give me a sunburn on the right side of my face) and just the right temperature. The skis I bout over 5 years ago are a bit straight so I rented some modern shaped skis from the ski area. For a measly $18. Last few times I went skiing we were exhausted by 3:30, this time we were the last persons on the lift leaving the mountain about 4:30. I can say this was the best skiing this year.

On Sunday the it was in the high 60’s. We went to the Fiery Food Show at the Albuquerque convention center. I’m not much into spicy food but my Girlfriend is. The place opens in the morning for vendors and opens at 12 for the public, we got there at 12 and it’s a good thing we did. By the time we left at about 1:30 the parking garage was filling up. The place was packed, you could hardly walk to the various booths. Watching the news tonight they said this was their best year by 15%. We walked over to check out Tucano’s Brazilian Restaurant. Our first time to this kind of restaurant and we weren’t in the mood to pay $19.95 a person for all the meat we could eat so we just got the salad bar.

It was a busy but great weekend.