Safari Bugs

There appears to be a bug in Safari that cause the heading titles of the various entries to position themselves, well, not in the right place. I have found that if I refresh the page they will be where they are suppose to be on the reload. If you see this strange behavior and your running Safari please press the the little bug button and send a bug report to Apple. Be sure to check the “screen capture” option so they can see what the problem is. Camino seems to do really strange things too but just scrolling past and back to the strange rendering will usually fix it.

[Update:] Ah ha, I think I know what’s going on. Seems that Safari will sometimes load the page without the images first. Then when it loads the images it adjusts all the elements on the page except for the heading portion. I think that when you reload the page the images are already in the cache so it doesn’t have to load them and can render the page appropriately.


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