Ignition Interlocks In New Mexico

The State of New Mexico has take one more step to proving that were a bunch of slacked jawed yokels. The House of Representative passed a bill that will require every vehicle sold in the state to have a breathalyzer installed as a ignition interlock. Whether you have been convicted of DWI or for that matter whether you drink or not you will have to breath before you can start your car.

There are so many problems with this. Breathalyzer tests are not always accurate. There are probably ways that can one can remove them from the car. Not to mention a whole bunch of civil liberties that are being violated. It will also effect our local economy as people will go out of state to buy vehicles (unless they pass another bill requiring any vehicle with a NM license plate to be retrofitted with one of these things).

I Previously complained about the hight amount of DWI related accidents in New Mexico. The Governor has has proposed some useful changes (PDF) to the existing laws that will go farther then the poorly conceived breathalyzer plan.

  1. My package dramatically increases penalties for killing or injuring someone while driving drunk
  2. It toughens the penalties for multiple DWI offenders who kill or injure
  3. Multiple DWI offenders, and those who drive drunk on a suspended or revoked license, will also forfeit their vehicles. We?ll take the weapon out of their hands
  4. This package includes a new DWI child endangerment law, creating tougher penalties for those who drive drunk and injure our children, and
  5. I?m proposing a new law that makes it a separate crime to refuse a blood alcohol or breath alcohol test, closing an important loophole in our DWI laws.

Yet these changes haven’t even made it before the state legislator. These are the real changes that are needed.

This new bill still needs to make it through the senate and the Governor. This hasn’t yet made the national news but if it make is any further I’m sure everyone will be laughing at us.

[Update:] Here is some slashdot coverage. 


3 Replies to “Ignition Interlocks In New Mexico”

  1. I had no clue about this until today when the Drudge Report posted a link to a radio station whose website was literally overrun with traffic concerning this matter.
    Additional points? How about 2 or more people in which one in the party may be sober and could be coerced(sp?) into enabling the device. I’ve seen situations in Little Rock where an impaired person being loud and obnoxious assumed control of his vehicle, despite his girlfriend having full control of her facilities. What about situations in Valet Parking where the valet enables the vehicle and turns over control to the person who may be impaired? Another question: Will the new law if passed and signed into law, give law enforcement additional authority to pull motorists over SOLELY for the purpose of determining compliance with the law? e.g. Checking device for calibration, etc? If consistently enforced, I’m concerned other states such as the People’s Republikkk of California will soon follow suit.

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