Major Code Update

[Update:] Yeah, its really screwed up. I’m working on it…

I’ve made some major update to the CSS of the site. Cleaning up the HTML and rearranging the CSS positions primarily. You may also note that I am experimenting with a “theme switcher”. Have to thank Michelle for the inspiration for that. It’s not all set up and working right. So if you try to use it and get unexpected results don’t be surprised. I will be fixing it through the weekend. The only way I could test it was by putting it up live on the site.

I’ve had a website in some form or anther since about 1994. I first signed up on dial up with AMUG. My website located at (web archive). Oddly enough my redirect page is still there. I learned to code my first page by just getting on the net and looking for help on HTML. Since then I have learned a lot about HTML but many years ago I lost interest. Since that time many new technologies have appeared including CSS in which I have had no idea how to code.

So this is an opportunity to get aquatinted with web design and code again. 


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