A Look At Incoming Web Traffic

It’s interesting to see what people have been reading on my site. Here is a breakdown:

  2. 23% Main Page
  3. 7% Sony iPod Killer
  4. 5% Unknown
  5. 3% Another Theming Utility
  6. 2% MacOS on CF
  7. 2% Sim City 4
  8. 10% Others (each 1%)

In the case of the “Another Theming Utility” just about every link comes from a search engine with someone looking for a serial number for ShapeShifter or Fruit Menu. (Shame on them). In the case of “Sim City 4” people are either looking for a serial number or graphics card information.

I am most surprised at how many people are coming here looking for info on the AWED scam. If you do a Google search for this lottery scam my site will for usually come up in the first page (depending on what exactly you searched for and when). Very strange and I hope people leave my site knowing that it’s is indeed a scam. 


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