36 DUI Arrests New Years Eve In Albuquerque

36 People were arrested at a DWI checkpoint on New Years Eve. This checkpoint was located near downtown Albuquerque and was well advertised where it was going to be. I am amazed at how many stupid people continue to drink and drive in this town, “New Mexico has hovered between fourth and fifth worst in the nation for alcohol-related deaths from 1998 to 2002.” The govenor has said that enforcement has stepped up, but I would expect more checkpoints if this is the case.

I recall several years ago driving home from work. It was beginning to get dark. In the lane lane opposite to me I observed a man in a Chevy Dually pickup drive his truck off to the side of the road. He was going pretty fast and it bounced as it came to a stop. He got out and walked into the middle of the road, the “no mans land” in the middle in between the orange stripes, and proceeded to take a wiz. I’m pretty sure he was drunk. Scarry stuff. Anytime I see someone driving irratic I have to wonder if they are drunk.

New Mexico’s DWI fatality national ranking through the years.

1990: First worst (19 deaths per 100,000)
1991: First (15.9 per 100,000)
1992: First (16.5 per 100,000)
1993: First (13.7 per 100,000)
1994: Second (12.6 per 100,000)
1995: Second (12.5 per 100,000)
1996: First (12.6 per 100,000)
1997: Third (11 per 100,000)
1998: Fourth (9.5 per 100,000)
1999: Fourth (9.8 per 100,000)
2000: Fifth (9.7 per 100,000)
2001: Fourth (10 per 100,000)
2002: Fifth (10.2 per 100,000)
Source: DWI Resource Center, 2003


1. New York
2. Utah
3. New Jersey
4. Massachusetts
5. Hawaii
Source: DWI Resource Center, 2003; statistics are for 2002


1. Wyoming
2. South Carolina
3. Montana
4. South Dakota
5. New Mexico

Source:DWI Resource Center, 2003; statistics are for 2002 


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  1. My friend died in a DWI related accident. One of those problems we have in rural states like NM, I suppose. Some day there will be a good solution. Navigating the iBlogger webring, like the site.

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