Instruments Part I

I was able to adapt the Hot Rod series speedometer and tachometer to fit into the original housing of my Ford Mavericks gauge cluster. I still need to figure out how to mount the rest of the gauges.



A Little Snow Fall In Albuquerque


I love the snow. Growing up in Arizona I didn’t get to live in snow let alone see much of it. Therefore I get really excited where there’s a chance for snow

My first day in Albuquerque it snowed. I woke up that morning for my first day of work. Outside there find probably 6-12″ of snow on the ground. I didn’t even know it snowed overnight and the day before there was no sign of snow. I remember that it was very quite. Not only because it was 5am but because there is something about the sound deadening quality of a think layer of snow, it’s very peaceful.

It was quite an adventure trying to drive a ’72 Ford Maverick equipped to dissipate heat as quick as possible in the 100+ degree Arizona weather. It worked well in Arizona but with the cold weather of that morning I couldn’t keep it running. It wouldn’t warm up even when I covered the radiator. I had to ditch the car on a side street, walk back to my apartment and call my cousin to pick me up.

Today we just got a dusting of snow. It hasn’t snowed that good in a few years at least. I still enjoy it. Looks like there will be another chance on Monday for more snow and I look forward to it.


There’s some on the ground now and there could be up to 3″ in parts of Albuquerque. May not seem like a lot to some but it’s a lot for Albuquerque. I’ll post some pictures once there is some light. Meanwhile I have a little bit of a sore throat and a headache. But I can make it through the day.