Hmm… I’m not even sure what year this was from. I remember going to meet a girl and it didn’t work out. We won’t talk about that. I’m guessing 1998 and I know it was around march. Anyway they were taken with a real crappy disposable camera. They were in much worse shape but iPhoto was able to enhance them pretty well.


Check Out This Weird House

Bar Prince House in Rio Rancho

This house is located in Rio Rancho on Horne and Northern Blvd. Don’t know who designed but there doesn’t appear to be anyone living there. It’s basically a long tube with a garage stuck on the end.

[Updated: 04/15/04] Tonight on the Channel 7 News they had a story on the weird house in Rio Rancho. It’s designed by Bart Prince and will be featured in an edition of Architectural Digest. Unsurprisingly there is no information on Channel 7’s website.

[Updated 05/19/04:] Here’s an article about the house.

[Updated 09/13/08:] There are a number of other pictures of other Bart Prince houses on Flickr. Here’s just a few:

New Site Design

The new site design is pretty much complete. This one is considerably different then the old one where I tried to emulate the look of a menu. This one is almost completely CSS driven, there is very little I modified in the templates. There is still a few things left to do including modifying the rest of the templates for the site and coming up with a better header.

Google has yet to crawl the new site so a lot of links they have are pointing to pages that don’t exist since I moved the old site to the /old/ directory. Don’t know how to make their robots crawl my site?

I still looking for the perfect link manager. I’ve tried BlogRolling and are currently using BlogLinker. BlogLinker is pretty good but I don’t think it’s perfect.

I’ve also discovered that Internet Exploder on Windows doesn’t so such a good job rendering the page. So I though it might be a good idea to put a permanent note on the site so those poor fools will know its not the site but their browsers.