A Few Before And After Pictures

My 1972 Ford Maverick at the Arizona State Research Park

Here is a few photos of the Maverick before I ripped it apart. These photos are from around 1992.

You can view all my Maverick pictures on Flickr.

6 Replies to “A Few Before And After Pictures”

  1. Nice car, dont see to many around anymore,and i feel for you on the lack of money for your project, as I have been building a 37 ford tudor humpback sedan into a street rod for 4 years now.

  2. you have a wonderful car looks nice I guess you have to be rich for it to look as good as yours I have 72 maverick 250ci and I cant even find brakes for mine, I have done anything I can to find them. If you know a way I love to hear it I have 72 pinto front end.

  3. Appears as if that’s a Maverick Sprint–I’ve seen a Mustang Sprint languishing in a driveway (it’s been there for years–go figure), but never a Maverick Sprint. Nice car, and here’s hoping it’s done (or nearly done) by now!

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