New Site Design

The new site design is pretty much complete. This one is considerably different then the old one where I tried to emulate the look of a menu. This one is almost completely CSS driven, there is very little I modified in the templates. There is still a few things left to do including modifying the rest of the templates for the site and coming up with a better header.

Google has yet to crawl the new site so a lot of links they have are pointing to pages that don’t exist since I moved the old site to the /old/ directory. Don’t know how to make their robots crawl my site?

I still looking for the perfect link manager. I’ve tried BlogRolling and are currently using BlogLinker. BlogLinker is pretty good but I don’t think it’s perfect.

I’ve also discovered that Internet Exploder on Windows doesn’t so such a good job rendering the page. So I though it might be a good idea to put a permanent note on the site so those poor fools will know its not the site but their browsers. 


5 Replies to “New Site Design”

  1. I am a newbie trying to use iblog and .mac. I took the graphite template, put it in the library/iblog/templates folder and selected it from “manage templates,” but nothing changed. I’ll figure it out someday I suppose. Thank you.

  2. Hi.
    I’m still considering what to do with my site. It’s now “under constructions” but had a blog for over 6 months. But i want to try something new with iblog. Might try your template!

  3. I thought that I would share my layout to give you some new blog ideas. I have gotten quite a few emails regarding my design. Feel free to use or try out my style. If you like it atleast reference where you got the style from. I hope you like it.

  4. I applied the templates to a test style sheet and it looked pretty weird.
    why don’t you include the stylesheet and tile jpegs and post a link to the zip at the iBlog forum. I am certain folks would use it.

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