Fire Fire Fire!

You might have thought it was going to rain here today in Albuquerque. But those weren’t clouds, it was smoke from California. The drive home from work today was erie especially with the sun filtered by the smoke. But California isn’t the only one burning, we have our own fire in Ruidoso near a ski resort. It isn’t helping that our autumn winds have arrived blowing in the smoke and blowing around our fire. 

Another First Post!

Ack! Several months ago iBlog, the software I use for this blog had a brain fart and completly forgot all my entries. The developer was able to restore the entries but the dates all reset to the date they were restored. A lot of good that did. There was no way for me to update all the entries time, let alone go through 80+ entries. So I moved the old blog and started a new one. What you will see is some experimentation in site design. Let me know what you think. 

Trinity Site Oct 2003

Little Boy

Location of the the first atom bomb explosion. Near Socorro New Meixcio on the north end of the White Sands Missle Range. The site is only open twice a year (for staffing reason, not radiation exposure). As this is a active miltary test base they limit what pictures can be taken. Still there are several pictures missing, but I got them on Video. Look for updates.