I'm Growing To Much Crab Grass

Because if there is, I have a ton of it in my garden. Crab grass and this weird little “milk weed” that stays low to the ground and is hard to pull up. Everyday I go out and pull as much of the crab grass as I can and everyday there is more. Not to mention that the sod we put down is 80% brown and the crab grass as started to move over there.. I guess I didn’t water it enough but I have been watering it more and it looks like its starting to recover.

Next year I have some plans to rectify this.

For the vegetable garden, over the winter I will put a clear plastic cover it which should produce a green house effect. But I wont vent it and let the heat build up, which should be enough to kill everything that tries to grow there. Next I will try Compost Tea after I plant stuff next year. There is a guy in Alaska that grows huge edible vegetables and attributes it to Compost Tea. In fact I may try it this year if I have time.

As for the grass, I’ve already taken steps to revive it. One thing I did find is the parts of the grass that were in shade are still alive. So I re-seeded the yard with a shade/sun mixture. I have been watering it every night as well. We will see how it looks in the next few weeks. If I can get that seeded well it will (hopefully) not give the crab grass room to grow. Oh and I will get some basic “weed-n-feed” to put out there too.

One Reply to “I'm Growing To Much Crab Grass”

  1. It is time to bite the bullet and pay Chemlawn to build you a “Better Lawn Through Chemistry! ™.” I did the grass picking/cutting/watering thing and hoped against hope that sheer pluck and perseverance alone would cause my grass:noxious weeds ratio to tip in my favor. That and I put down easily 200 pounds of fescue before I said “Ya know what? Life’s too short to water mud and weeds.”

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