Where Is The Village At Rio Rancho?

The Village at Rio Rancho goes here someday
The Village at Rio Rancho goes here someday

According to a Albuquerque Business First Article “Unser corridor bursting with retail, office activity” the Village at Rio Rancho was support to start “This Summer”. Since the article was written in May 2012 that would make it last summer. Currently all we have is a lot of cleared desert that will turn into atmospheric dust come this spring. The City of Rio Rancho only mentions this special tax deal from 2009.

Meanwhile down the road in Albuquerque “Construction starts on new Westside ABQ plaza“.

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One thought on “Where Is The Village At Rio Rancho?”

  1. Great Question, Greg. My theory is that since the new Premier Cinemas theater went up at Southern and Unser, this project is on a long, long hiatus. Think about it. Their proposed 12 Theater facility was in a race against the Premier Cinemas, and never got off the ground. Their window of opportunity is gone, now that the other is built. Why would you put up another theater six blocks away from an already established one? It makes no sense. That theater facility was the cornerstone of the Village, and now that its not feasible, why would anything around it be? Long term, I’m hopeful that they just move forward with the project sans Theater, but that was the “hook” to get all the other buildings started, and now its gone.

    Unfortunately, I think that area is going to turn into yet more medical center buildings, leaving us with nothing exciting. Pres just announced a new tower to the hospital, which doesn’t encroach on the Village space, but there’s a TON – I mean a TON of medical stuff going up in that area. I think eventually Grainger will just sell that land off for more medical. Boo!

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