Reddit AMA With Breaking Bad’s Assistant Location Scout

The Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) “I am the location scout for the show Breaking Bad AMA“.

Hello my name is Alex. I work as an Assistant Location Manager for TV and films that shoot in New Mexico.
I was the location scout for the pilot, season 4 and season 5 of Breaking Bad.
The responsibilies of the location department include: Scouting and finding options for shooting locations; bringing the director and producers to each option and signing up the ones that they like; notifying neighbors, signing up base camps, and obtaining appropriate permits for shooting; arranging street closures and help from local police and fire departments; preparing the sets for shooting and standing by on set to be the liaison for the movie to the property owners; and drawing maps and hanging directional signs to get the crew to set. Also we set up a/c’s and heaters for the crew, pick up their trash and clean their shit.
Personally on Breaking Bad, I was primarily the full time scout, usually working in prep for the upcoming episodes.

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Greg is a resident of the high desert in Rio Rancho, New Mexico and grew up in the low deserts of Chandler, Arizona. Greg is a DIT and film editor (specializing in Final Cut Pro X) and is for hire. He is the owner of Always Very Busy, LLC. He is a former employee of Intel Corporation in Rio Rancho, New Mexico. He can be found on the internet at Flickr, Twitter, or Google+.

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