Make Magazine Interviews New Mexico Artist Christian Ristow


From makezine “5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Things About Christian Ristow

he’s done animatronics and special effects for a number of movies, including Thor, A.I., and Cowboys & Aliens. Christian also founded and led robotic performance art troupe Robochrist Industries for a number of years. He makes everything from small but fierce sculptures with self-explanatory names like Smashy Von HammersBot and Voracious Mouth (pictured below) to large-scale interactive sculptures like Hand of Man, a 26-foot-long hydraulically actuated human hand and forearm capable of picking up and crushing cars, controlled using a glove-like device that dictates its motions.

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Greg Smith

Greg is a resident of the high desert in Rio Rancho, New Mexico and grew up in the low deserts of Chandler, Arizona. Greg is a DIT and film editor (specializing in Final Cut Pro X) and is for hire. He is the owner of Always Very Busy, LLC. He is a former employee of Intel Corporation in Rio Rancho, New Mexico. He can be found on the internet at Flickr, Twitter, or Google+.

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